Hemp plastic blend rechargeable disposable vape

  • Biodegradable Materials

    Made from a hemp plastic blend that utilizes a unique additive, which allows traditional plastics to begin decomposing within a certain period of time, this hemp plastic disposable vape is the ultimate innovative solution to the unsustainable concerns surrounding disposable vapes.

By choosing Agag, Conserving our environment.

We’re investing in ongoing R&D to develop raw material supply chains that have the lowest possible environmental impact. But without sacrificing on quality.

Out with plastic, Zero waste, In with renewable hemp

Another way hemp blends reduce the impact on our natural resources. Not only look great, but we’re reducing the volume of petroleum-based plastics that could enter our food chain.

Turning waste into a virtuous cycle

We’ve started up a whole new industry partnering with local hemp farmers.
Usually, the remaining stalks are discarded after harvesting. Or worse still, incinerated, releasing damaging CO₂ back into the atmosphere.
We now buy the stalks giving the farmers more revenue to reinvest.

Less green-house gases

And since outdoor hemp grows with minimal fertilizer and pesticides, hemp absorbs substantially more CO₂ than required for its cultivation. And the environment gets to breathe a whole lot easier.